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MAN Card

MAN Card

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The card for all cases

With the MAN Card, you can refuel without cash, pay tolls quickly and easily and pay free of charge at all MAN service points throughout Europe.

Cashless payment – Europe-wide and uncomplicated

The fee-free MAN Card makes daily vehicle use in local and long-distance transport much easier and more economical. With the fuel and service card, you can refuel without cash at over 55,000 petrol stations across Europe at individually negotiated conditions. You can also use the MAN Card to make cashless payments for repairs and maintenance work at all MAN service centres in Europe and at MAN Mobile24. You can also use the MAN Card to pay tolls and other charges such as transfer, tunnel and bridge fees. Thanks to the 14-day billing cycle and the separately itemised costs, you benefit from maximum cost transparency and minimum administrative effort. The invoices also fulfil the formal requirements for VAT and mineral oil tax refunds. With the MAN Card, with the exception of use as a fuel card and for toll processing, there are no subscription fees or monthly basic fees. The MAN Card is not only available for MAN vehicles, but also for vehicles from other manufacturers.


Comprehensive petrol station network

 Toll processing